7 Sacred Daily Actions

for Entrepreneurs who want to Live a Juicy Life (and build a profitable business to bankroll it, hustle free)

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Meet Lisa & Kaela

Lisa and Kaela are the mother-daughter cofounders of Rise Leadership Circle. They coach soulful entrepreneurs who are committed to:

  • Ditching hustle, overwhelm, and being underpaid
  • Stand in their worth and live an epic life
  • Receive wealth via their lucrative, mission-driven businesses

They both live in the midwest and each have two dogs. They are avid readers + champagne drinkers.

Lisa opened and built a seven figure business in during the 2008 recession. Kaela blazed her own trail from being six figures of debt to a multi-six figure entrepreneur in her mid twenties. 

Supporting women to unleash their deepest desires, and build profitable businesses as a result are one of the things they enjoy doing most together.

We are honored and excited to deliver extreme value during this course. In service of supporting you to the max, we'll also share an opportunity to take the next step in working with us if it is a mutual fit. 
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